A Question of Faith: A Simple Question Toward Ultimate Truth by Tor Constantino is the first book to address each of the 6 major religions within a single question, to help readers understand and determine which faith is right for them.

This go-to guide is perfect for parents and teens discovering God, as well as anyone who wants to get informed about the other faiths we share the world with!

[Constantino writes] in an open exploratory  fashion, which is a relief from what you get in many traditional religious circles. He has authored a well-crafted, thought-provoking work covering the difficult topics of belief comparison and personal religious suitability. If you have the slightest interest in this subject area but don't know where to begin, this is the book for you."

~ Theodore Henderson, Best-Selling Author, The Wisdom Compass

If You’d Like To:

  • Find out more about the world’s major religions
  • Dispel ignorance and confusion about other religions
  • Better understand your own beliefs
  • Help your teen pressure-test and solidify their own faith
  • Encourage tolerance of your religion in a family member or friend

You’ll find the answers in A Question of Faith!

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

For someone who is seeking spiritual insight, there is no greater question than what faith to choose and believe. This book explores in depth that key question for today’s world:

Q: Which of the world’s major religions is best for someone to believe?

A. Buddhism
B. Christianity
C. Hinduism
D. Islam
E. Judaism
F. Sikhism

A Question of Faith explores the history, beliefs, and fascinating practices of each religion listed above with fresh, exploratory insight. This groundbreaking book strives to empower you to consider the available options for yourself, while providing a logical approach to select a faith if you choose to do so.

This easy-to-read book is a fine introduction to comparative religion... that compels the reader to answer its underlying premise – ‘What do I believe?’”

~ Chaplain Robert W. Leathers, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

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Each of the “Select 6” faiths has millions of followers (or in the case of Christianity and Islam billions) because each faith has aspects of truth that make it attractive.

Here are some examples:

  • Islam requires adherents to give to the poor
  • Hinduism holds that the universe is moral and we are all free-will agents within it who decide our own conduct
  • Buddhism states that the cause of all our suffering in life is selfish-cravings
  • Christianity posits that we should consider the needs of others before ourselves
  • Judaism requires the faithful to not lie, steal or kill
  • Sikhism states that all people, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity are equal


Tor Constantino writes:
Personally, I wish I had a book like this to reference when I went to college because that’s where I had a crisis of faith, and I didn’t know what to believe at the time. Everything sounded good but I lacked a basic understanding of the various religions so I was not prepared to decide for myself. I was overwhelmed... I wish I’d had a book like this back then.

“There are only a few ‘universals’ that apply to humanity – and religion is one of them. By that I mean, every known human culture and society has some form of religious practice or ritual-based belief system. The reality of religion is that it has touched virtually every aspect of our lives and humanity’s history. It’s because of religion’s impact that I’m writing this simple book about a simple question of faith...”

More praise for A Question of Faith...

A Question of Faith takes a provocative approach toward answering the age old question ‘What religion is best for me  to believe?’ It’s a worthwhile introduction to comparative religion that offers a satisfying conclusion.”
~ Professor William Basener, PhD, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Rochester Institute of Technology

In A Question of Faith, author Tor Constantino intelligently explores the basic tenets of the world's major religions.  This exploration applies logic to a simple but profound question 'What is the best religion for me?' This book will spur thoughtful consideration and spiritual maturity in its readers.”
~Lynne Klippel, Best-Selling Author, Overcomers, Inc: True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration


About the Author

Tor Constantino is a communications professional with more than 20 years combined experience as a print/broadcast journalist and a Fortune 500 corporate public relations professional. He has worked for companies including: CBS Radio, Clear Channel Communications, Global Crossing, Bausch & Lomb, and he currently works for an innovative biotechnology company in the greater Washington D.C. area. He holds degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology and Syracuse University. He is also a member of the American Academy of Religion.